PUBLIC RELEASE OF DATA REPORT Data from the Keck projects will soon be released. Many projects are already past the 180 day limit from the date of final sequencing. Please check out the report here

ASLO NICE INVITATIONS Join us at ASLO in Nice 25-30 January, 2009 for the ICoMM sponsored session 39, ‚ÄúDetermining the structuring effects of the environment on microbial community composition: approaches and strategies‚ÄĚ. Click here to download a session description. Hurry!! The deadline for abstract submission is October 3rd!
CALL FOR PROPOSALS To learn more about the ICoMM Call for 454 Tag Sequencing Participation, go here.
RRNA WORKSHOP Register now for the International Workshop on ribosomal RNA technology in Bremen, Germany April 7-9, 2008. Download more information here.
CALL FOR PROPOSALS Coming Soon: ICoMM Call for Participation: Unveiling the Ocean's Hidden Majority through 454 Tag Sequencing. View an example proposal by our ICoMM Scientific Advisory Council member Dr. Antje Boetius and colleagues at the Max Planck Institut here.
ICoMM ASM 2007 Please join us at the ICoMM session entitled: "The Rare Microbial Biosphere: Implications and Study" on May 23rd, 2007 at this year's ASM meeting in Toronto, Canada.
Keck Proposal The Marine Biological Laboratory was awarded a Keck grant to acquire a parallel DNA sequencing system to enable an initial census of marine microbes. Download a copy of this proposal here.
Phycological Society of America Please join ICoMM at the Phycological Society of America and the International Society of Protistologists Meeting in Providence, RI, August 5-10th for a special session entitled: "Protists and the Molecular and Informatics Revolution: from Species Pages to Barcodes" to take place on Aug 8.
ASLO PLANKTON AS ARTISTIC INSPIRATION ICoMM is one of the sponsors of this year's "Plankton as an Artistic Inspiration" at the ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting in Santa Fe February 4-9, 2007. This exhibit is a landmark event in ASLO's opening its meeting to tthe local community. Be sure not to miss this special event! Visit the ASLO meeting site for more details.
 PNAS Paper on Marine Microbial Diversity In the August issue of PNAS, ICoMM Principal Investigator Mitchell Sogin and colleagues published a manuscript entitled, "Microbial diversity in the deep sea and the underexplored 'rare biosphere'" Read more about this fascinating ICoMM pilot project here
MBD Marine BacterioPlankton Database “Biogeographic analysis of ribosomal RNA clusters from marine bacterioplankton”

Drs Thomas Pommier, Jarone Pinhassi, and Åke Hagström have kindly shared their MBD data that was used for this paper, Also, Dr. Pommier et al have a new paper: T. POMMIER, B. CANBÄCK, L. RIEMANN, K. H. BOSTRÖM, K. SIMU, P. LUNDBERG, A. TUNLID, Å. HAGSTRÖM (2007) Global patterns of diversity and community structure in marine bacterioplankton Molecular Ecology 16 (4), 867-880.

 First Annual ICoMM Meeting. June 2006, Netherlands

The first annual meeting of ICoMM was held in the Netherlands this June (2006). Read the reports and papers from that here.

Keck Foundation

The Marine Biological Laboratory has just been awarded a Keck grant to acquire a parallel DNA sequencing system to enable an initial census of marine microbes. Read More About It